Why Should Doctors Maintain an Online Presence?

Why Should Doctors Maintain an Online Presence?

by: Diego Aguilar

Let’s say you’re a patient. You’re about to undergo a major surgery – knee replacement, triple bypass, back surgery – you name it. You get the name of the Surgeon only to find out you’ve never heard of them. You do a google search… nothing. You try the clinic / hospital’s website. Also nothing. As a patient who is about to have a major surgery, do you stick with the unknown, or do you find a surgeon whose reputation you can actually access?

For many, the answer is a quick and decisive ‘find someone you can read about.’ It brings a sense of security when you can read about a doctor’s professional history.

There are many ways for Doctors to take control of their online presence. You can setup a professional Facebook page, a personal website, a twitter feed or a profile on your clinic / hospital’s website. It doesn’t take long, and it will get your name out there on search engines.

Let’s briefly go over the benefits of each one:


On Facebook, setting up a professional page gives everyone who is on your friend’s list a glimpse of what you do on a day to day basis. In addition, friends of friends who are looking for a doctor may find your page and consider you as an option.

Personal Website

With services like Wix, it’s never been easier to setup your own personal website. You can set any background you want (including videos!) and it has a very simple UI that lets you place elements by dragging and dropping with your mouse.


Twitter feeds are the headlines of social media. It is a great tool with which to let your followers know about recent events. Have a great surgery? Write a post on your site and / or Facebook, then link to it in twitter to get the word out.

Most companies today (hospitals and clinics included) have a place on their website for employee bios. Some companies make providing information for these mandatory, while others do not. It’s super easy; you just fill out a bio form and then the company’s website people will set up the bio, complete with picture. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

In closing, Physicians need to take control of their online presence to ensure prospective patients (and for that matter, prospective colleagues, nominating committees, associations, recruiters, the media, family members and friends) see them and their professional achievements in the best possible light. Spine medical professionals can check out Spine-health’s membership services to get a comprehensive physician profile and top rankings in Google. Additionally, physicians should periodically review any medical association profiles of themselves and make sure those are up to date and accurate.

Don’t Let Others Control You

It’s important to note that if you don’t have control of your online presence, someone else might. There’s no telling what a random stranger will do with your name, so make sure that doesn’t happen by controlling yours now.


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