Why Healthcare Marketing Is At An All Time High

Why Healthcare Marketing Is At An All Time High

Marketing for health professionals has changed vastly in the last decade. Marketing has shifted from an era of traditional print and media marketing to building social and community awareness online. Businesses now have an enormous amount of data available on how online users interact with their organization. Medical physicians and healthcare practices must also turn to social media to gain an insight on how to convert their ideal target audience into customers.

With a high demand for online credibility, having social media profiles is essential for medical practices. Potential patients are not only looking for your name in Google search but instead they look to social media as another tool for online conversation, leaving it up to businesses owners to maintain their (ORM) online reputation management.

I Have Social Media Profiles Why Aren’t They Converting?

Social media plays a huge role in being another online resource to learn more about your practice’s company culture, medical brand, and patient experience. Simply creating online profiles isn’t enough, your reaction to reviews and comments are just as imperative to your business’s success.

Since most medical practices decide to share posts sporadically and log off until the next post. Doing this can diminish online growth and online reputation. Don’t be a victim of online failure, instead implement a social media strategy that works. Remember that interaction is key to maintaining a strong online presence in healthcare marketing. Constant communication develops a personal tone for your target audience.

How Can I Change How Online Users See My Practice?

Compiling both negative and positive reviews online are the key to creating a good response strategy. It’s just as important to monitor your practice’s online mentions and to manage a quick response to any online post that’s associated with your practice. A response strategy will not only protect your online credibility but it will also build your visibility online. For example, here at Emdee Connect we provide our clients with a Comprehensive Pain Physician marketing campaign on Yelp advertising and aid in the success of many healthcare providers.

In order to continue online growth for your medical practice you must obtain, and have a good understanding of communication skills. Start with these basic tips on how to handle online negative comments or feedback from previous patients:

  1. Tell Your Story:  Start by explaining your side of the experience. Without holding judgment, describe in detail where things may have gone wrong. Remember to be objective in order to help resolve their concern.
  2. Be Honest: Uphold your company’s integrity by being truthful as to how their experience may have gone wrong. Be honest in your efforts and how your actions could have caused a misunderstanding.
  3. Find a Solution: The most important part of your response strategy is to find a solution to the problem. Find a way to make the wrong right and how your practice can help in order to maintain your position in a positive light.

If your practice is seeking medical marketing experts to increase your patient intake, Emdee Connect has a wide range of resources. Unlike traditional creative agencies, Emdee Connect provides their clients with an outpatient center, conveniently located in Glendale, CA. If your practice is in need of a full-service medical marketing agency call us at (844) 993-6333.

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