The Right Time to Advertise

The Right Time to Advertise

When is The Right Time to Advertise?

by: Jeff Neiman

Advertising is the act of promoting an event, product or service to achieve a greater public awareness, attendance, or sale. In today’s day and age there are endless options for which medium to use. Because of the predominant usage of the internet, digital advertising has become one of the most favorable and common platforms but even the digital space contains endless options. Which platform is going to be the best for your needs and provide you the best results?

Choosing the RIGHT platform is equally as important as choosing WHEN to use it. Below we will highlight some of the most common forms of advertisement and then we’ll provide tips for when to use them.

Search Engine Advertising (PPC – Pay Per Click)


Search engine advertising allows you to place ads based on search terms on various search platforms. The benefits of search engine advertising is the ability to target users searching for specific words or phrases relevant to your brand such as Nike shoes, clothes, computer cables, plumbers, concert tickets, restaurants etc. With the majority of all users with access to the internet using search engines in some way, this medium is very appealing and can be extremely beneficial in your advertising campaign.

Common mistakes include bidding on too broad of keywords, thinking you need the first position, not targeting the right location or audience, not thinking of about the user and what they were expecting to find with their.

Advice: Starting with a broad approach can lead to very insightful analytics but it can waste your money in the process so experiment with broad and focused search terms and be sure to exclude keywords that you don’t want triggering your ads to display. While maintaining a high ad position important, we’ve found that being in the #1 position has not only proven to be extremely expensive but doesn’t provide better results than being in the 2-4 position range. Lastly, put yourself on the other side of the screen and think about why the user was searching in the first place: would they be interested in finding your ad about basketballs when you’re selling soccer balls?

Social Media

Facebook, Yelp, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn

Pew Research Center social media demographics for Americans in 2015:

  • Facebook — 72% of adult internet users/62% of entire adult population
  • Pinterest — 31% of adult internet users/26% of entire adult population
  • Instagram — 28% of adult internet users/24% of entire adult population
  • LinkedIn — 25% of adult internet users/22% of entire adult population
  • Twitter — 23% of all internet users/20% of entire adult population

Let’s face it, you probably don’t know a single person that isn’t using some kind of social media platform. These platforms provide advertisers the opportunity to place their ads on their feeds. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages but can have a huge impact on your brand as a whole. Meeting people where they are at is a phenomenal way to get a conversation starting. If you’re not using social media for your brand already you’re missing out on easy ways to connect with people.

Yelp has become one of the most popular social/review platforms for businesses because of its ability to provide accurate results as well as credible reviews from real customers. The downside to Yelp is actually the same as it’s benefits: real reviews that cannot be altered or removed. Yelp isn’t a place for someone to be if they have things to hide because customers are incredibly smart and will find out and then share their experience through their review.

There are many ways to advertise or promote on social media and knowing the right times to advertise can make a huge difference. There are two methods of advertising on social media: promoting content and promoting your account. Common mistakes include promoting your content when you don’t have a large enough following so your content goes unseen. Another mistake is when an account has a low following, people pay to increase it but this can lead to a large following of users that aren’t truly interested in your brand.

Advice: Build a genuine audience, engage with them regularly, and then look into promoting your unique content when a strong foundation has been established.

Display Advertisement

Websites such as LA Times, blogging sites, news sites, etc.

Think of some of the websites you visit; all that content on the sidebar that isn’t necessarily part of the website is a form of display advertising. With display advertisement, you can display your ads on sites that users frequently visit and you are able to target their interests by the sites you display your ads on.

Display advertising can have these common problems: a high amount of impressions which don’t convert because the audience you’re targeting isn’t actually looking at your ad or they aren’t interested in your message in the first place.

Advice: Seek to focus your advertisements on relevant outlets that have a target audience interested your message

Print Advertisement

Brochures, fliers, handouts, business cards, etc.

Print advertisement is one of the oldest methods of advertisement that can often go unused by younger generations. Having tangible material can allow your potential customers a way to easily store and share your content while also making it more of their own by writing on it. These mediums are very different from digital outlets and provide very low-cost opportunities to communicate messages.

Advice: Having the right content makes all the difference. Think about what’s most important to the recipient to know: if you’re announcing a grand opening you’ll want to include details about what the business is as well as the address, website, and phone number on the page.

Banner Advertisement

Billboards, posters, web page headers, buses, etc.

Banner advertisement is a combination of digital and print advertisement. Websites have header sections that allow for a banner ad to be placed, similar to display advertisement. Print banner advertisement can be billboard ads, flags or banners at events, posters, or even sky-writing.

Advice: This is one-way communication so make sure your message and the call to action is very clear. Make the process simple for the recipient and always be imagining yourself in their shoes.

Word of Mouth Advertisement

The individual or spoken referral from an existing patron

Word of mouth is the oldest form of advertisement and remains one of the most effective methods of advertising due trusting the individual you hear it from and social proof. If many people are using the same product or service, it must be for good reasons. This is one of the most difficult mediums to utilize effectively because it requires a high-quality product/service to be worthy of recommendation and in a world where there aren’t many unique ideas, doing something well is more important than being the only one doing it.

Advice: Treat your customers like your most valuable assets. Although you can’t please everyone all of the time regardless of your product or service, seek to achieve an understanding and a favorable outcome within every situation. Being willing to listen to your customers and communicate effectively with them can even lead to unfavorable customer experiences to end amicably.

In Conclusion…

Not every advertising platform is right for your business. Truly understanding your product and your medium will empower you to most effectively utilize your advertising budget while maximizing conversions. Lastly, there needs to be an honest discussion to assess if you really are ready to be advertising right now. Many businesses use advertising as a shortcut to build their brand and find their wallets empty and their customer base hurt. Others can find their business severely crippled from negative reviews through platforms like Yelp because of issues they were unaware of prior to having their customer traffic increase.

Regardless of your advertising platform, the foundation of your business is most important. If your business cannot handle the increase in traffic, it can crumble.

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