Marketing Case Studies – Brown Deer Dental


Brown Deer Dental

Milwaukee, WI

About the Client

Brown Deer Dental is a Wisconsin-based practice specializing in porcelain veneers, dental implants, and tooth whitening. They had seen only limited results from previous online marketing campaigns, and approached us to help them expand their practice through online marketing.

Our Goal

To increase the number of new patients scheduled for treatment, specifically for porcelain veneers and dental implant treatments.

Our Solution

  • Developed and launched a Facebook Ad Campaign to acquire new Implant and Veneer patients.
  • Enhanced brand identity by designing a new logo.
  • Developed a new website.
  • Designed and printed flyers.
  • Provided front office training, including call monitoring and customer support for leads.

The Results

  • Received an average of 75 new leads per month.
  • Received an average of 20 scheduled patients per month.
  • Over 75% of inquiries were for implants.
  • Half of inquiries received were on Mondays.
  • Increased the number of followers on Facebook from 0 to over 600.
  • Average of 1,300 people per month taking action on Facebook.
  • Average of 46,000 people per month reached on Facebook.


Trends we Discovered:


Marketing Case Studies – Brown Deer Dental March 21, 2017

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