The Difference Between User Experience Design, and User Interface Design

The Difference Between User Experience Design, and User Interface Design

Websites are vital for any business or practice in 2016. They are how patients connect to you and your practice outside of the office at any time of day. In some cases, your website may be the first contact that potential patients have with you. It is important to give the right impression, which is achieved with UX and UI design.

UX or UI Design – What’s the Difference?

You may [or may not] have heard the terms UX and UI design tossed around when talking about web design. Often confused and misused, UX design and UI design have distinct roles that work together for the betterment of your website.

UX, or User Experience design refers to the visitor’s experience while browsing a website. Have you ever been to a website and were unsuccessful in finding the info you were looking for? Or maybe a few links didn’t work, and you were redirected to an “Error 404” page? Nothing frustrates a web visitor more. Since the website serves as an extension of your practice, your goal is to be as informative as possible and include conditions you treat, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options. By providing this information, the patient becomes more educated and empowered on which steps to take. In addition, getting in-touch with your office should be easy, either that be through a hyperlinked number to call, or a simple contact form to fill out. Keeping these things in mind when designing your site will result in a positive UX experience for your patients, as well as a preview of the treatment and care they can expect when visiting your office.

UI, or User Interface design refers to the actual look and feel of the website and is heavily dependent on the brand identity of your practice [see previous post on Branding Your Practice]. 65% of the population are visual learners and rely on visual media [pictures, colors and graphics] to retain information. Color plays a major role in UI design because it can trigger a psychological and emotional response to the viewer, so incorporating a color palette that evokes a sense of trustworthiness and comfort would be beneficial for your website [we’ll explore this topic more in the next post].

For some, reading up on medical conditions and treatments might not be the most exciting, but when the information is presented in a way that is visually attractive and engaging, great UI design is achieved.

When designing the look of your site, a few things to keep in mind are:

  • Navigation: Can visitors easily navigate through your site?
  • Layout Flow: Is the layout intuitive and does it seamlessly guide the viewer through each page
  • Interactivity: Is it visually interactive when they roll their cursor over something, or is it static?

Another factor to consider in addition to UX and UI design, is Responsive design. Responsive design refers to the site’s optimal viewing and accessibility on platforms other than a computer. Mobile traffic accounts for more than half of internet traffic today as people access the web on smartphones and tablets, so it is imperative that your site is “mobile-friendly” and compatible across all platforms without jeopardizing any content.

UX and UI design work together in a website’s success. When the two are in sync, your site will have a lower bounce-out rate [when visitors come to your site, then leave within minutes, seconds even], and an increase click-around rates [visitors exploring the site in its entirety]. Remember, your website is an extension and reflection of your practice. With the content you provide, patients will come to your site and obtain the information they were seeking, or simply be put at ease, which could ultimately convert that website visit into an appointment with your office.
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