Case Study: CPP Yelp Advertising Benefits

Case Study: CPP Yelp Advertising Benefits

As a follow-up on my previous article titled The Right Time to Advertise, we explore the benefits of advertising on Yelp once the proper foundation has been established.

Comprehensive Pain Physicians (CPP) have been happy clients of ours for quite some time now because we have helped them build a profitable marketing campaign that has increased their revenue as well as the amount of new patients they see.

“Our practice saw a noticeable benefit in new patients thanks to Yelp and the online marketing strategies provided by Emdee Connect” Raymond Tatevossian, MD

Marketing strategies – when the time has come

One of the most challenging strategies to communicate effectively while developing a successful marketing strategy is strategic timing of paid advertisement. Some practices end up seeing very little results and even damaging results by getting involved in advertising too early!

In the first quarter of 2015, Comprehensive Pain Physicians’ marketing campaign was bringing in an average of 14 new patients each month from their online marketing campaign. Since Emdee Connect began using Yelp’s advertising features, we’re currently averaging 19 new patients per month. This 27% increase comes directly from our addition of a Yelp advertising campaign. Not only has CPP seen more patients, they have increased the amount of reviews on their Yelp page!

Yelp reviews are exceedingly important to an advertising campaign because of the research done by potential new patients and how consequential bad reviews can be on their decision. The increased exposure from Yelp ads needs to be strongly considered prior to advertising on Yelp because if you have minor issues in your office workflow, more patients will quickly bring that to the surface and it might be too late before bad reviews start rolling in. One of the many reasons we advise our clients to hold back on advertising on Yelp is to work out any kinks in the chain, so to speak. Providing the best care possible goes beyond the exam room and we make sure the office staff understands the important role they play in patient care and satisfaction.

In conclusion…

We help our clients plan for advertising campaigns by analyzing their practice and current marketing efforts. Different marketing strategies are best only at certain times, and these times can be different between practices. If you’ve been considering Yelp as an advertisement (you’ve probably received many calls from Yelp already), make sure you consider whether or not the time is right to utilize that platform. If you’re unsure, call us!

by: Jeff Neiman

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