Brand your medical practice

Brand your medical practice

When you hear the word “brand”, large corporations like Nike, Target or Starbucks might come to mind. These companies have become recognizable brands through the products and services they provide. The healthcare industry is now embracing the importance of branding more than ever, from small practices to large medical groups and hospitals. Why? Because just like those large corporations, physicians are providing a service. When a patient hears your name, what do you hope they say about you and the care that you provided them? Branding your practice will not only help you differentiate yourself from your colleagues, but instill trust and confidence in the patients you serve.

So what exactly is “BRANDING”?

Branding is simply, identity. It is a collection of visual indicators that distinguish yourself [and your practice] from your colleagues. These indicators include the name of your practice, a color palette, and a mark, or logo that all working together to reflect your practice. When viewed, your logo should evoke a feeling – do you want your patients to feel welcomed? Confident in your care, or instill trust? Putting that extra effort into your brand can leave a lasting impression on a potential patient, assuring them that they’ll receive the same [if not better] level of care.

HOW Do You Brand Your Practice?

When developing your brand as a physician, one of the first questions to ask is, “what sets you apart from other physicians?” Do you have an extensive experience in the field? Maybe you’ve had special training or use specific treatment techniques that result in higher success rates than others. Certifications earned? These are all things that already set you apart from other physicians. Finding ways to incorporate them will strengthen and support your brand identity.

It is safe to say that the internet has helped companies, both large and small, gain visibility and accessibility in recent years; having a strong presence online is crucial to the growth and success of your practice. More and more people use smartphones and tablets to get the latest headline, learn a new recipe, or share an experience with loved ones, as well as conduct research on healthcare providers. Your website may be the first impression that potential patients have with you, so it is vital that your practice is represented in the best way possible through your brand.

WHY: What’s the Significance of Branding Your Practice?

As previously mentioned, establishing a brand is establishing identity – but it doesn’t stop there. Brand consistency throughout all correspondence, both online and traditional, will lead to brand awareness and eventually brand recognition. When patients see such consistency, confidence and trust being to grow; your practice becomes more personable which then leads to happy and loyal patients who return to your practice again and again.

In closing, establishing a brand or identity for you practice can only help propel you forward with the same uniqueness you treat your patients.

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by: Dennis Robinson

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